The JBP are Jon Buck, Jimmi Clarke and Craig Bacon. These three have worked full time in the music industry for many years as session musicians, writers, producers and educators (including working with Grammy, Billboard and Brit award winning artists). They were brought together as a backing band for a singer songwriter and really enjoyed working together. During some down time in early 2008 they got together to write and record some of their own songs. Jon borrowed a friends barn in the middle of Suffolk and they started to create without any pressure or agenda from the industry.

They decided to write music that communicates life and soul and doesn’t care about fitting in or being the next big thing.

The JBP’s debut album ‘Voltaire Road’ was recorded and mixed in three days, as the main goal was to capture the energy and vibe of the band playing together live in a room. What you hear is exactly as it went down on the day. A beautiful blend of pop, blues, soul, funk with a few other flavours chucked into the pot.

It’s this authentic approach that makes their music sound and feel great.